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Own your own schedule. Overnight is only same-day stays so you can decide that day if you want to make money hosting.

What if travel was a lifestyle instead of a luxury?

In spontaneity we trust

At Overnight, we love to travel. We believe that by visiting other places, cultures, and meeting new people, the world can be a better, friendlier, and closer place. That ideology fueled us to  create Overnight, which breaks down the barriers of last minute travel. By encouraging spontaneous adventure, we’re letting journeys happen in the moment, because we know the best memories are created when you say ‘Yes’ to adventure.


“People don't take trips,
trips take people”
― John Steinbeck

Expand. Explore. Embrace.

Human connection is alive and well in the digital age. Overnight makes travel seamless, straight-forward, and simple. Hosting is safe and comfortable. Being a guest at a fellow pioneer's home easily forges unforgettable friendships. 

Join us in changing the way we collectively think about travel.
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Our mission is to make travel more accessible to more people.

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